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Liu Kang




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President of the Society of Chinese Artists in Singapore
President of the Singapore Art Society


Liu Kang  刘抗 was born on April 1, in Yongchun, Fujian Province, China.



He moved to Malaysia where he spent his early years.


He returned to China to study at Jinan Academy and joined the second year


in Art, at  the Shanghai College of Fine Arts, under Liu Haisu.




After graduating from the Xinhua Arts Academy, he went to continue his studies


in Paris, at the Academy of  la Grande Chaumière.




He took part to Salon d'Automne, in Paris.




Back in China, he taught at the School of Fine Arts in Shanghai, then at the School


Teacher Training Nan chiau, Singapore (1937).



He was one of the founding members of Singapore Art Society.


He left to visit Bali with Zhong Sibin, Chen Wen Hsi and Chen Zongrui.


Pictures of Bali exhibition at the British Council Hall in Singapore was perceived


as the beginning of the Nanyang School.



He received the title of Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters for his contribution


to the influence of Art, between France and Singapore.



He donated much of his paintings and drawings to the Singapore Art Museum.




He died on 1st June in Singapore at the age of 93.


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 Liu Kang  刘抗 - View of Arab Street  1962  -  oil on board

Liu Kang  刘抗  -  View of Arab Street  1962  -  oil on board


Liu Kang  刘抗 Life by the River  1975  -  oil on canvas - Collection of National Gallery  Singapore

Liu Kang  刘抗  -  Life by the River  1975  -  Oil on canvas
Collection of National Gallery  Singapore


Liu Kang  刘抗- Colourful Modernist   

Liu Kang  Colourful Modernist


200 colour illustrations 

  and archival  photographs  

284 p


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