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Liu Haisu




Liu Haisu  刘海粟  - Notre-Dame de Paris  1930 - oil on canvas 113x88cm - Work exhibited in Salon des Tuileries  1931


Liu Haisu  刘海粟  Notre-Dame de Paris  1930 - oil on canvas 113x88cm
Work exhibited in Salon des Tuileries  1931




Liu Haisu  刘海粟 ( 1896-1994 ) whose real name was Liu Jifang, was born on March 16,

  in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province  China.


He went to study in Shanghai, under the direction Zhou Xiang ( 1871-1934 )



Pioneer of the Fine Arts movement and the teaching of Modern Art in China,


he was Director of the Shanghai School of Visual Arts, the first Art school


to admit female students, to use naked female models and to paint outside.



First solo exhibition at the Beijing Normal School.



He visited Europe and participated in exhibitions :

  - Salon d'Automne ( 1929 )
  - Salon des Tuileries ( 1930 )

- Exibition for the Centenary of the Independence of Belgium ( 1930 )

  - Salon d'Automne ( 1930 )
  - Salon des Tuileries ( 1931 )

He organized exhibitions of Contemporary Art, in Paris and Berlin.



He moved to Southeast Asia, Jakarta and Hong Kong where he visited


Cai Yuanpei ( 1868-1940 ) hospitalized..



He returned to Shanghai.




He was appointed Director of the Nanjing Academy.



He moved to Hong Kong and lectured in different countries.


He returned to Shanghai.


On August 7th, he died, at the age of 98.



Opening of the Liu Haisu Museum in Shanghai, containing the works and collections


( paintings and calligraphy ) donated by the artist..



18.06 23.10 Rewriting Liu Haisu - opening exhibition of the new Liu Haisu Museum  


showing the contribution of Liu Haisu as painter, educator, social activist and collector.


Danièle Sicard




LIU HAISU 刘海粟  aged 86 in Huangshan  - collection Michel Nau

LIU HAISU 刘海粟  aged 86 in Huangshan - collection Michel Nau



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