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Fu Xiaoshi




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Fu Xiaoshi  傅小石 was born in Xinyu, Jianxi Province in Southeastern China.


He was the oldest son of the famous Master in ink painting Fu Baoshi 傅抱石


He was the brother of Fu Yiyao 傅益瑶 also painter.

  He studied in C.A.F.A.


He graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts ( department of printmaking )



During the cultural revolution, he was imprisoned as a counter-revolutionary.



Following a stroke, he remained paralyzed of his right hand and began to paint


with his left hand.


From this period,   近代傅小石賺蘭亭圖橫軸, Stealing the Orchid Pavilion Manuscript,


located at the MET in  New York.



Numerous solo exhibitions : in  Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao,


Singapore, Taiwan and United States.



He died on August 17 in Nanjing  China.

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 Fu Xiaoshi  傅小石



 Fu Xiaoshi  傅小石


Fu Xiaoshi  傅小石

 Fu Xaoshi painting



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