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Fu Yiyao




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Fu Yiyao  傅益瑶 fifth child of Great Master Fu Baoshi 傅抱石, was born in Nanjing, China.


Unlike her older brother, Fu Xiaoshi  傅小石 she was not immediately interested in painting,


but in literature, theater and cinéma.


After studying at the Normal  School in Nanjing, she went to Japan and continued


her studies at the Musashino University of Art in Tokyo.



She decided to devote herself entirely to her career as painter.


Her oversized works, with many details, cover very diverse fields.


Her paintings on Buddhism and festivities made her famous in both Japan and China.


Numerous Solo exhibitions in China, United States, Japan and Switzerland..


She lives in Japan..


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Fu Yiyao  傅益瑶


 傅益瑶与父亲傅抱石 - Fu Yiyao with her father Fu Baoshi.

傅益瑶与父亲傅抱石  Fu Yiyao and her father Fu Baoshi


傅益瑶全家福 - Fu Yiyao family portrait

傅益瑶全家福  Fu Yiyao family portrait



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