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Fu Baoshi 傅抱石 ( 1904 -1965 ) was born on October 5, in a poor family, in Nachang  


Jiangxi Province, in China..


To help his family, he was apprenticed in a ceramics factory, awakening his interest


for Art.



He graduated from Jiangsi College of Education, Nanchang and taught there.


He went to Japan  to study the History of Oriental Art, in the Tokyo School of Fine Art.


He created his own style by integrating elements of Japanese painting and western


painting to the traditional Chinese ink painting.



10.05 14.05 exhibition of 175 works inTokyo  Japan; (calligraphy and seals ).



24.07 28.07 exhibition of 112 works in Nanchang. ( calligraphy and seals )


Back to China,  he began teaching in the Central University, now Nanjing UnIversity.


(  Art Department ), then in Chongqing.



September exhibition of 100 works in Chongqing, ( landscapes and characters)


He participated in some collective exhibitions but devoted his time, to his research

  on Art.


He was the Director of the Jiangsu Province Chinese Painting Academy.



To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Foundation of the Republic of China,


he collaborated with  Guan Shanyue (1912-2000 ) in the monumental wall painting,


 ( 5.5 m x 9 m ) of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing : Such is the Beauty of our Rivers


and Mountains and Streams.                                                                      



He participated in the nature study trip of the leading painters in Jiangsu.


( 1500 kms across six provinces and a dozen Chinese cities.)



He died of cerebral hemorrhage on September 29 in Nanjing.


His children Fu Xiaoshi the eldest son and his daughter  Fu Yiyao fifth child of the grand


master, followed the footsteps of their father; they are both painters.



To celebrate the 20th anniversary of his death, the Government decided to transform


his former residence located at 132 Hankou Road, in Nanjing, into a memorial.



Inauguration of Fu Baoshi Memorial.


First retrospective of Fu Baoshi in the United States. 90 works presented successively


to the Cleveland Museum and then to the Metropolitan of New York.


16.10 08.01  Chinese Art in an Age of Revolution: Fu Baoshi ( 1904–1965 ) Cleveland Museum


30.01 29.04  Chinese Art in an Age of Revolution: Fu Baoshi ( 1904–1965 ) The Metropolitan Museum


Danièle Sicard

© Fu Baoshi - Mount Lu

 Fu Baoshi  傅抱石 - Mount Lu


Fu Baoshi 傅抱石 - Album page from Landscpaes of the Four Seasons (1950) 
© Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford

Fu Baoshi  傅抱石 - Album page from Landscpaes of the Four Seasons (1950)
© Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford


 Fu Baoshi  傅抱石 - Artist's vision - Poet's passion   

Artist's vision - Poet's passion

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The Paintings of Fu Baoshi



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115 p



傅抱石畫集 - Paintings by Fu Pao-Shih  


National Museum of History


Paintings by Fu Pao-Shih



in english in chinese



35,5 cm x 26,6 cm


isbn : 957 00 4691 0


183 p

Fu Baoshi  傅抱石 6 书画拍卖集成 2004  

书画拍卖集成 1995 - 2002




in chinese


25,8 cm x18,6 cm


130 p


sbn : 7 5356 2025 6

Fu Baoshi  傅抱石 - Chinese Art in an Age of Revolution  2012  

Chinese Art in an Age of Revolution   

The Cleveland Museum of Art


Fu Baoshi  1904-1965



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