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Li Kuchan






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Li Kuchan  李苦禪 (1899 - 1983 ) was born in a poor peasant family, Gaotang County


Shandong Province  China.


  -  Student


He moved to Beijing and followed a work-study program at Beijing University.
  He joined Amateur Painting Research Association  and learned drawing under

Xu Beihong 徐悲鸿 ( 1895-1953 )



He studied at National Beijing College of Art and  learned bird-and-flower painting


under Qi Baishi  齐白石  ( 1864-1957  ) who considered him as his best student.



Graduated, he moved to  Hangzhou.
    -  Educator


He taught Art at the Hangzhou Art Academy next Pan Tanshiou  潘天寿  ( 1897-1971 ) .



1950- 1983

He taught at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.



On June 11, he passed away in Beijing, at the age of 84.

     -  Artist - Calligrapher and Painter.

He leaves behind the image of a painter renowned for his paintings of flowers and birds


particularly eagles.

  His works are in the collections of the China Art Gallery, in Beijing.
  Danièle Sicard



Li Kuchan  李苦禪  -  Eagle  -  Ink on paper  65 x 44 cm  (China Fine Arts Gallery  Beijing)  -  1979

Li Kuchan  李苦禪  -  Eagle  -  Ink on paper  65 x 44 cm  (China Fine Arts Gallery  Beijing)  -  1979



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