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Pan Tianshou  潘天寿  ( 1897-1971 ) was born on March 14, in Ninghai county,


Zhejiang Province, in China.



After the death of his mother, he entered a private school to study literature,


calligraphy and painting.


From childhood, he liked to copy illustrations and calligraphy.




He was admitted to the first Normal School in Hangzhou.



A graduate, he began teaching at various establishments in Hangzhou,


then in Shanghai.


He became friends with Wu Changshuo who encouraged him and influenced his style.



He was appointed professor of Chinese painting at the newly Hangzhou National


Art College.



He went to Japan, to study new pedagogical methods.


With his friends, he founded a traditional Chinese painting society : White Society.




The artist was appointed President of the National Academy of Hangzhou.


Replaced two years later, he returned to painting..



Birth of his son Pan Gongkai.



Triumph period for his career :


He was appointed at the Head of the Academy, Honorary Member of the Soviet


Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vice President of the Chinese Artists' Association.


The traditional Chinese painting returned in favor, he saw his works exhibited


at the newly built National Museum of Chinese Art in Beijing.


Solo exhibition  ( 90 works of paintings, sculptures, seals, calligraphies )


Museum of Chinese Art Beijing



Persecuted, he had to give up all artistic activity, suffered many humiliations


on the streets, and he's even imprisoned.




He died on September 5, in Hangzhou, and was not rehabilitated until 1979.


Danièle Sicard



exhibitions  selection



26.03 10.07  The Art of Pan Tianshou National Museum of Art of China  Beijing  China


25.11 05.02  The Retrospective Exhibition of Pan Tianshou's Art  Hong Kong Museum of Art



To commemorate the 120th anniversary of the birth of the painter and educator, 


the China National Art Museum Beijing, and the Zhejiang Hangzhou Art Museum


presented the exhibition  : An Ethos of Fortitude


More than 120 works (paintings, calligraphies and manuscripts ).




Pan Tianshou  潘天寿 -  ink on paper 水墨纸本

Pan Tianshou  潘天寿  -  ink on paper 水墨纸本


Pan Tianshou  潘天寿 -  ink on paper 水墨纸本

Pan Tianshou  潘天寿  -  ink on paper 水墨纸本


Pan Tianshou  潘天寿- Album Selection  

Pan Tian Shou Album Selection

Inspiration Art Press



Hong Kong


text : Hu Yung Fu


in chinese


19 cm x 21,5 cm


48 p


isbn : 962 8065 36 2


© Pan Tianshou  潘天寿- Revitalising the Glorious Tradition


Revitalising the Glorious Tradition   

Hong Kong Museum of Art


The Retrospective Exhibition of Pan Tianshou's Art


  in english in chinese  

175 p


isbn : 978 962 215 231 1


 Paintings of Pan Tianshou - Pa Gongkai


潘天寿绘画艺术  Paintings of Pan Tianshou

Higher Education Press  


潘公凯  Pan Gongkai


  in english in chinese



261 p


isbn : 9787040342543



© Pan Tianshou  潘天寿







  in chinese



171 p


isbn : 9787534030376



Pan Tianshou  潘天寿 -  ink on paper 水墨纸本


Pan Tianshou  潘天寿  -  ink on paper 水墨纸本


Pan Tianshou  潘天寿 -  ink on paper 水墨纸本


Pan Tianshou  潘天寿  -  ink on paper 水墨纸本


 Pan Tianshou  潘天寿 - photo PAN TIANSHOU MEMORIAL


Pan Tianshou  潘天寿 - photo PAN TIANSHOU MEMORIAL


Pan Tianshou Memorial  
No.1 Jingyun County of Nanshan Road, Hangzhou


This place was Mr.Pan's domicile during his late years with his studio and bedroom intact.  In the neighbouring hall, you can see Mr. Pan’s paintings
in the original.

In 1981, his residence was rebuilt into a memorial after the approval from
the Culture Department, and opened to the public after completion.


Contact Information : 212 Nanshan Road, Hangzhou  Zip Code : 310002        
Tel : 0571-87912845



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