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Chu Teh-Chun  




Chu Teh-Chun 朱德群 and Feng Xiao-Min  冯骁鸣


Chu Teh-Chun 朱德群 and Feng Xiao-Min 冯骁鸣




朱德群  pinyin  Zhu Dequn


1920  Chu Teh-Chun was born on October 24th in Baitou Zhen, Anhui province, China,


in a wealthy family. He was the youngest of three boys. His father and grandfather were doctors and collectors


of calligraphies and Chinese paintings.

  1930  He enrolled the primary school of Xiaoxian and late, the Xuzhou high school and Haizhou high school
  where he graduated.

1935   He joined the National School of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, run by Lin Fongmien. He studied the western




1941   He graduated with honors and he was assistant professor at the Fine Arts in Hangzhou .


1944   He became a full professor at the Central University of Nanjing, transferred during the war in Chongqing.


1947  His return through the gorges of the Yangtze Jiang, with magnificent scenery led him to study further


the relationship between painting and nature, such as masters Tang and Sung.


1948   He came back to his birthplace to see his mother and he married Liu Han.


1949   Birth of her daugther Kate 


They moved to Taipei and he taught  at the Taipei school of Industrial studies ( architecture department ).


1951   He was appointed professor at the National Normal University ( Fine Arts department )


He fell in love with one of his student : Tung Ching-Chao.


1953   He exhibited several landscapes took in the Ali Shan Mountains, for his first solo exhibitions at Zhongshan






1955  He moved to Paris with Tung Ching-Chao.. He visited the Louvre and enrolled  the Grande Chaumière.


1956  He visited the exhibition of Nicolas de Staël, at the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris and he began to reflect on non-figurative art.
He won a silver medal at the Salon des Artistes Français, with an academic portrait of Ching-Chao.
but he showed an almost abstract landscape at the
Salon Comparaisons


He met his first artist friend, the sculptor Albert Féraud.


1958  First exhibition in Paris, Galerie des Hauts-Pavés where he sold several works.


1960  He signed with the galerie Legendre an exclusive six-year contract and met  Arnal, Corneille, Revel, Sugaï.


1961  His son Yi-Hwa was born.


He took part to the exhibition  l'Ecole de Paris 1960, in Galerie Charpentier.


From then, he figured in Paris, Pittsburgh, Jerusalem, Athens...


1968 His son Yvon was born


1969  He took part to the 10th Biennial, in Sao Paulo where an entire room was dedicated him.


1976   He practiced calligraphy again.


1979  The First monograph of his work written by Hubert Juin, was published by le Musée de poche, Paris

  He became a French citizen.

1982  A major exhibition of paintings and drawings since 1955 was organized by the André Malraux Museum


in Le Havre, and his works were alonside sculptures by Thibaud and Fréraudat the Orangerie de Bagatelle.




1983   He was member of the examining body for final degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

  The same year, he was invited by the Association of Chinese Artists to Beijing. He visited the country

with the painter Kijno.( Shanxi, The Buddhist caves in Yungang, the burial sites of Xi'an, the Forest of Steles ).


1987  First retrospective exhibition at the National Museum of History in Taipei, 32 years since leaving his country.


1989  Exhibition at the Taiwan Museum  where each artist donated one work to the Museum, at the initiative


of Chu Teh-Chun and Gérard Xuriguera.


1990  He moved to a large studio in Vitry-Sur-Seine, ideal for large size formats, diptychs, trIptichs.


1994  He exhibited in Singapore.


1997 The travelling exhibition organized by the French Asssociation for Asian Action of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


appeared in the Fine Arts Palace of  Beijing, in the Fine Arts Museum of Hong Kong, then in Fine Arts Museum


 in  Kaoshiung, and in Taipei.


The Honors


1997  On December 17th, he was elected at the Académie des Beaux-Arts ( Art Academy ) in Paris, in the seat


of deceased Jacques Despierre.


1999  On February 2nd,  Chu Teh-Chun's reception under the dome. He chose himself the four jades adorning his  academician sword


Tribute Speech to Chu Teh-Chun pronunced by Jean Cardot
for the Chu Teh-Chun's reception under the dome, taking the place of Jacques Despierre
February 3rd 1999


2001  He was honored Knight of the Legion of Honor and knight of the Academic Palms


2003  On March 27th inauguration of the monumental painting commissioned by the Shanghai Opera, to the entrance hall.


2009  He suffered a stroke.


2014  At the age of 93 years, he died on March 25th at Paris.


 D. Sicard


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