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Yang Xiaojian  杨小健  literally the strong athlete, was born in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi


Province, in a family of sportsmen.


His father, Yang Shuiyin, head book-keeper at the Zhongyan glass Company in Taiyuan,

  was one of the first official table tennis umpires in the Républic of China. .
  His mother, Yang Yueying acknowledged by the authorities as a National athlete
  beat the table tennis world champion three times.


As a child, he spent hours playing with colours, and drawing on the floor using red brick.

His mother taught art art a primary school, and gave him pictures to colour, and books

  with calligraphy, to copy.


He started at the  Haibianjie primary school in Taiyuan. Here, he was able to take part


in a  variety of activities, and in the evenings he helped his mother to make copies


of the newspapers, in order to earn some pocket-money. His written works was often


shown to others as an example.



He attended Nanhajiie school and helped illustrate the wall news.



His mother was sent to the village Guxian. He accompanied her there and had a taste  


of hard agricultural work.



He went back to school, where he showed a keen interest in reading. 


It was here that he first met Yie Qing who later became his wife : Yie Qing



He joined the Army,  PE Special Forces. In his spare time, or while he was on standby,


he spent his time doing calligraphy, on the floor, using a stick.


When this was noticed, the Army offered him the job of doing the lettering on military maps.


However Yang Xiaojian wanted to learn more, and in order to get hold of more calligraphy


books, he wrote a letter which was published in the China Youth newspaper. As a result,


he was sent hundreds of books, including one by Li Zhengshi 李正時, a teacher in Huangshi,


whose  calligraphy particularly impressed him. From that moment onwards, he could only


think of one thing : that he wanted to study.



He had to wait another year before being demobilised and enjoying a taste of independence


He worked on different styles of ancient calligraphy with different teachers : :


  -  The Han dynasty, with Yuan Xulin  袁旭臨


  -  Li style with Yan Jun  閻俊


  -  Cursive style with Tian Shuchang  田樹萇



He married Yie Qing


Birth of his second daughter : Xibei



He took part in a calligraphy competition for the first time, and won First Prize; he then

  entered competitions on a regular basis, and the following year he won the Gold Medal.

in Sanya, and Third Prize in Beijing.



Birth of his second daughter : Jiayuan



His lenghthy discussions with professor Wang Yong 王鏞 calligrapher, Zhao Lengyue 赵冷月


the well known artist, Liu Jiu'an 劉九庵 of the Palace Museum, helped him make progress


not only with his painting but in his way of thinking.



After the death of his father, he decided to travel to Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand

with his mother.



He bought an appartment west of Shanghai in Kanghong Garden..



He travelled to Korea and to China : to Sanya and the Yunnan, Lijiang, to the mountains  


of Yulong Snow and to Shangri-La, gathering ideas for paintings.


He reads a great deal, and was interested in the painters  Motherwell, Dubuffet, Sulerque,


De Kooning, De Pierce.


His work was becoming more abstract.



In Shanghai, he set up his second studio Base of Ink at 50 Moganshanan Lu, and put his 


his work on display.


He took part in a number of collective exhibitions  of calligraphy and contemporary Art,


in Beijing, Seoul, Hong-Kong, Macao, Shanghai.



Exhibitions of his work were held in Japan, at the Soukoku gallery in Kyoto and the North  


Kamakura gallery, in Tokyo.



The Kyoto city Museum held an exhibition of his work.
  He lives and works in Shanghai  China.

Danièle Sicard



Solo exhibitions  selection



Kobe  Kyoto  Osaka  Japan


Picture of Triturate The Ink Yang Xiaojiang - Wei Ligang Contemporary Gallery Beijing China


Base of Ink Shanghai  China


Soukoku Gallery Kyoto  Japan


North Kamakura GalleryTokyo  Japan


Twoline Gallery  Beijing   China


Municipal Museum of Art Kyoto   Japan


Julie et Hélène Gallery Paris  France


Collective exhibitions  selection



International Famous calligraphers in  20th Century Beijing  China


7th exhibition of calligraphy  and Seal cutting Galerie China Art Beijing  China


3rd exhibition for couplet writing Galerie China Art Beijing  Chine


1st exhibition for Youngs and Mi-aged calligraphers'works in  Shanxi Taiyuan  China


Fifteen  Nominated Famous calligraphers Nanjing  Chine


2nd National exhibition  for fashionable Writing style Jinri Art Museum Beijing  China


Three artists Hong Kong  Art association Hong Kong  China


International Modern Calligraphys Seoul  Korea


Great Theatre Gallery Shanghai  China


exhibition of contemporary Art  O.C.Space Beijing  China


Construct The Ink Map  Yang Xiaojian & Wei Ligang To Day Arts Museum Beijing  Hong Kong


Exhibition of contemporary Art Shang-Shang Museum Beijing  China



Yang  Xiaojian  杨小健


Yang  Xiaojian  杨小健


Yang  Xiaojian  杨小健




60 Poems of Xi Murong

Pen Calligraphy collection




300 Tang Poems

Pen Calligraphy collection




Wonder of Pen Calligraphy

Pen Calligraphy collection




Yang Xiaojian -Picture of Triturate the Ink - Construct the Ink Map


Picture of Triturate the Ink

Modern Calligraphy collection


Construct the Ink Map



A collective exhibition of contemporary


calligraphic paintings

  Yang Xiaojian & Wei Ligang  

29 cm x 24 cm

    219 p  

isbn : 962 85723 9 3


 Yang Xiaojian - My Empire of the Sun


My Empire of the Sun

Pen Calligraphy collection


Monographie des oeuvres 1998 - 2006  Yang Xiaojian                     2006

  Foreword :  

Fan Di-An : From Calligraphy to Scripting


Liu Xiao-Chun : A Calligrapher ink-brushing


in Beijing and Shanghai


Tang Feng : The Wash-Ink Nietzsche

  numerous reproductions  

29,5 cm x 25 cm


in chinese in english

    350 p  

isbn : 962 86523 7 0


MY 我的 2007


  The photography of Yang Xiaojian  
  Presentation : Makang - Men Cong  

21,5 cm x 23 cm


isbn : 978 988 17 150 2 9

Yang  Xiaojian  杨小健  

Black Sight 黑視力


  Collection of personal works  

Foreword : From Rebellion to Creation;


Yang Xiaojian's journey in calligrzaphy by Fan Di-An


The Edges of Darkness by David Paskett

  Sinking into the Blakness by Tang FENG  

Woks :


My classic My calligraphy  My landscape  Albums  

    My Ink Base  My Experimental Plant  My Hardedge Blacksight
    My Photography  
    Artist Biography  
    numerous reproductions  
    357 p  

isbn : 978  988 19274 3 9






Yang Xiaojian


It's the friend. Who knows how to reveal the intelligence of black.


Clouds dissolved by the breeze, torn apart. Absorbed by the paper.


The destruction of writing to make it speak. Evidence.Which shows its viscera.


No aestheticism. Abstraction pure, precise, sensitive, monumental. Where


sometimes blankness is painted white.


Xiaojian has mastered all the media, covering all the possibilities.


His painting beats the chamade. Today, Xiaojian reflects the heartbeat of the world.




Michel Nau




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