Chinese artists by Michel Nau - Huang Yong Ping 黄永砯  





Huang Yong Ping




SEA SERPENT permanent work Estuaire Nantes <> Saint-Nazaire 2012 Inauguration on june 20 2012 photo <> Daniele Sicard




SEA SERPENT permanent work Estuaire Nantes <> Saint-Nazaire 2012

  Inauguration on june 20 2012  

photo <> Daniele Sicard


This is at the tio of the dog nose, at " the cross of the edge of the sea " ( boundary between river and sea space),


in Saint-Brévin-les-Pins, where arises the great  sea serpent of Huang Yong Ping, whose skeleton  appears like


it is the result of an archeological excavation. By showing on the shores of Europe a major figure  of the Chinese


mythology,  Huang Yong Ping addresses as often in his work  the notions of identity and cultural hybridity.


The  environnemental issue is also very present in his art he regularly updates the paradox of man sawing off


the bough on which he sits,  torn between creative abilities and destructive impulses.


This is one possible reading of this work : positioned on the foreshore, the skeleton appears along with the rhytm


of the tide, and welcomes gradually marine flora and fauna.




extracted from the text of presentation Estuaire <> Saint-Nazaire 2012



  RAM  Rockbund Art Museum  上海外滩美术馆  29.09 16.12 2012 - photo <> Michel Nau  

RAM  Rockbund Art Museum  上海外滩美术馆


29.09 16.12 2012


photo <> Michel Nau


Michel Nau at Power Station of Art Shanghai - Biennial 2012 © Michel Nau


Michel Nau at Power Station of Art  Shanghai Biennial 2012









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