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Pan Xi




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Pan Xi   潘曦, known as Xixi, was born in  november in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.


In her childhood, every week, with her sister, she visited artists' workshops,


from the Art Institute headed by his father and developped her taste for drawing


and painting.



From the age of 10 years, an artist, professor at the Institute of his father


gave her lessons



After high school, she studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou


and applied for a scholarship abroad.



She was one of the three selected across the country and she was sent to Moscow.



She enrolled the Surikov Institute in Moscow.


Her program was loaded : 8 hours per day, five days a week, including courses


of drawing and painting followed by evening classes on Anatomy and History


of Art.

  To distract herself, she learnt Russian.


In the third Year, she joined the studio of V.N. Chelombiev, attached to the department

  of oil painting, to study, to define her own style.

If Botticelli 1444-1510, Van Gogh 1853-1890, Gustave Klimt 1862-1918, Pablo Picasso


1881-1973, Amedeo Modigliani 1884-1920, Egon Schiele 1890- 1918, were her models,


this renowned professor for mural made a great impression on her.




She got her Master's degree,  oil painting.


With " seven Beauties " an oil painting of 2,60 cm x 1,50 cm, she won the gold medal


of the University.


She travelled in Germany, Austria, Hollande, U.S.A, France.




She moved to Nantes where she met the gallerist "De Arte" where she is exposing,

  all the time.


After a trip to U.S.A, she could not have a visa to France, also, she came back to China


and set up her studio on the hill of the Emperor of Jade Mountain, on the outskirts


of Hangzhou



Actually, she is living in Shanghai  China.



Many exhibitions in France and in China.


Danièle Sicard


Pan Xi  潘曦-  Printemps 2008


Pan Xi 潘曦 - Carmine5 2010

Pan Xi  潘曦 - Carmine7 2010

exhibitions in France





30.09 25.10

Gallery"de Arte"

Xi Pan
    15 rue du Château  
    44000 Nantes  



07.06 09.07

Gallery "de Arte" Xi Pan
    15 rue du Château  
    44000 Nantes  



01.09 10.10

Gallery"de Arte" Xi Pan
    15 rue du Château  
    44000 Nantes  

Pan Xi - Nu couche 2005


exhibitions in China



  Gallery Zhongdao

Body Temperature-present



03.09 03.10

Art Scene Warehouse Carmine

No.50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai



16.04 16.05

M Art Center In my secret garden
    No.50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai


© Pan Xi auto-portrait  

Belle de Hangzhou . Femme saule au maquillage éclatant. Troublante féminité.


Ovale du visage aux yeux litchis. Bouche cerise, à croquer. Cheveux de nuages


mêlés aux brocarts, nuages, pivoines, chimères ... Jeunesse élégante, fragile,


précieuse comme la soie ...


calme et volupté dans la peinture de Pan Xi.


Michel Nau






Carmine - catalogue xi Pan 2010
  catalogue  21 x 28,5 cm in english and chinee
  Text by Zhu Qinghua, translation Jeff Bishop : about Pan Xi

16 reproductions + one on cover + 1 photo of the artist

  + photo of her studio  
  44 p  

© Pan Xi unamed 02


© Pan Xi



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