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Peng Peng




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Peng Peng was born in Inner Mongolia, China.



She graduated from Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine


of Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.



She is engaging in oil painting research and creation.


Now she is a painter of the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting


of the the Chinese National Academy of Arts, and a national first-class artist.


Danièle Sicard


© Peng Peng






He took part to the exhibition  Retour aux Sources  22.06 27.06 2012 


China Cultural Centre Paris  Yin Fu  Director



寻源问道 - 西去东来


© Peng Peng - Retour aux sources 2005


Retour Aux Sources

Yang Feiyun

Exploring the Origins and Truth of Art - Cinese Artists


  in France  
Artistes de l'Académie de peinture à l'huile de l'Institut

de recherche sur les arts de la Chine

Artists of the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting Exchange



in french, english, chinese



26,5 cm x 21,5cm 


300 pages


isbn  978 7 5386 6778 3





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