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Chen Kai





©  Chen Kai




Chen Kai was born in Ningbo, in the North East province of Zhejiang China.



He joined the Chongqing University.



He moved to France.


He continued his studies at the ( E.S.B.A ) Fine Arts School, in Le Mans.




Danièle Sicard


©  Chen Kai



  ©  Chen Kai  
  ©  Chen Kai  

Every day I will be holding the camera, shuttling in the large


buildings of the middle ages. Gradually it became a part


of my life. And often, when the streets there will be a trace


of shudder swept my back.Although nothing happens I was


able to feel my own retreat.


In a country with all different habits, culture, language, that


have a sense of depression, the same as the current


trough the little viewfinder of camera on my hands, the light


evolving some emotions.


Every cell of my body is full of tension, as wrapped by


a climate of violence.

    Chen Kai  


©  Chen Kai


©  Chen Kai


©  Chen Kai



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