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Yuan Yanwu  袁燕舞 -  Out of reach Shanghai  1989 / 2010







Yuan Yanwu  袁燕舞 was born on February 10th in Yan Si, Anhui Province, in China.
Her family came from very different social backgrounds, country people on her father's side, intellectual and cultured on her mother's side. This difference was to have a considerable effect on her.



Up until the age of eight, she led a very simple life, in the country.




She cut herself badly, with a pair of scissors. Her parents sent her to stay with her maternal grandparents in Shanghai, until she had completely recovered.
Her grand father was well educated, and started to teach her calligraphy, and how to draw.



After primary school, she continued her studies at senior school. She was very interested
in photography, and decided to study journalism.



She went to Nanjing University.
There was a phoyography departmant at the School of journalism and communication where she was able to learn the basics of photo journalism. She was particularly interested in the work of the international reporters from the Magnum Agency : the American Robert Capa
1913-1954, Henri
Cartier-Bresson 1908-2004, George Rodger 1908- 1995 and David Seymour 1911-1956.



She got her Master's degree.
She worked as a journalist for the
Xinmin Evening News, in Shanghai.



Her favourite painters were Badashanren 八大山人 (Zhu Da朱耷) 1626-1705, Qi Baishi 齐白石1864-1957, Zheng Banqiao郑板橋 (Zheng Xie郑燮) 1693-1765, Van Gogh 1853-1890.
She saw reproductions of paintings in the Louvre.
She decided that she wanted to live in France, and went to the Alliance Française in Shanghai, to learn French.



She came to Paris, an enrolled at the School of Journalism at the Pantheon-Assas University. In the second year of her studies, she applied to do Photography and Multimedia studies.



She studied in the renowned Photography and Multimedia department at Paris 8 university.



She got her degree in technical science ( M.S.T. ) and began working on her Master's degree.



Her first exhibition in Paris was held in the DIX9 Gallery, in the 3rd district, from September 4th to October 3rd. It was called Youth self-Portraits - part1, 



She obtained her master's in Photography and Contemporary Art


Danièle Sicard


Yuan Yanwu  袁燕舞


Yuan Yanwu  袁燕舞 - Youth self Portraits - Part 1 - 5 years.


Yuan Yanwu  袁燕舞- Youth self Portraits - Part 1 - 9 years.


Yuan Yanwu  袁燕舞 - Youth self Portraits - Part 1 - 13 years.



Yuan Yanwu  袁燕舞 - Youth self Portraits - Part 1 - 14years.


Yuan Yanwu  袁燕舞 - Youth self Portraits - Part 1 - 15 years.


Yuan Yanwu  袁燕舞 - Youth self Portraits - Part 1 - 16 years..



                                                                                Solo exhibitions


Ev *2009



Dix9 Gallery

Youth Self-Portraits - Part 1

    75003 Paris  



Dix9 Gallery

    75003 Paris  

        Collective  exhibitions     



Gallery of the France Stadium

 Port T

    93216 Saint Denis  



Cerise Space


    46 rue Montorgueil  
    75002 Paris  



    Place Libération  
    93150 Le Blanc-Mesnil  



Cinko Space  
    12-18 Passage Choiseul  
    75002 Paris  



Lille Art Fair

Dix9 Gallery

    Grand Palais  
    1 boulevard des Cités Unies  
    59777 Lille  


22.10 26.10

Slick 09

Dix9 Gallery

    Cent Quatre
104 rue d'Aubervilliers
    75019 Paris  


13. 01 17. 01


Dix9 Gallery

    Photo LA  
    Los Angeles  


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© Yuan Yanwu

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© Yuan Yanwu© Yuan Yanwu© Yuan Yanwu© Yuan Yanwu© Yuan Yanwu© Yuan Yanwu© Yuan Yanwu

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© Yuan Yanwu


Hidden Self-Portraits








Yuan Yanwu


This ability to go ( show ) back to her childhood. Images fresh colourful. That's

  what being an artist is all about.
  Untouched moments. No wrinkles.

Not easy. Sometimes the child within us won't be captured. The colours vanish and,


or the face.

  Whatever ! These archeological fragments of me, of Yanwu, of us, because this is
  all about us, mark the time as it passes.

The rock. That's the one, isn't it ? More or less, but yes ! Hasn't everyone tried to


superimpose the landscape  which imposes this snapshot, like a paradise lost ?

  You also have to look elsewhere. There, always the same colours - because
  everyone lives through their own colours, their smells, their tastes - the same
  sensitivity, the same delicacy, the same modesty.

Michel Nau

translated by Siobhan Meunier

Yuan YanwuYuan YanwuYuan YanwuYuan Yanwu

Yuan YanwuDaniele Sicard with Yuan YanwuYuan YanwuYuan Yanwu

© Yuan Yanwu


Yuan Yanwu  袁燕舞 with Michel Nau

Yuan Yanwu  袁燕舞 with Michel Nau



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