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Fan Xueyi




Fan Xueyi 范学宜 - portrait  - chiesenewart






Fan Xueyi  范学宜 was born in the North-East of China, Heilongjiang Province,


in a place called the Port of the Four Seasons.


From a poor family, with four brothers and sisters, she entered elementary school  


at the age of eleven.



She decided to leave her remote hometown for Beijing where currently she resides
  and works as a poet, author and painter.


She published a book of poetry entitled Childhood River .


She wrote lyrics of songs for the television programs : 
  Local Police, Never Surrendered Sunflower, Family Affairs, and so one.


She composed the lyrics for the musical album Singing in the wind.



She composed the lyrics for the television Dreams from Qinghe.



She composed the lyrics for the theme song of the movie The banquet, directed by


Feng Xiaogang, entitled Reward Your Love .



She published a collection of poetry entitled Letters from a Secret Garden , illustrated

by Wei Erqiao.

  She began her painting career.

She  published a collection of poetry and paintings with the painter Feng Zhongyun.



First solo Paintings exhibition at  XYZ  gallery in Beijing : Who Took Away My Blue Sky ?.



Poetry / Multimedia exhibition in Sunshine Art Space : Farewell My Flower .



She published a collection of poetry and paintings entitled Season Pier. .


She attended the South Korea Biennial in Gwangju


She exhibited poetry and paintings in the Huaxia  Art Museum in Zhengzhou..



First Paintings exhibition abroad, in France :  Memory Blossoms. : Souvenirs Épanouis.


Danièle Sicard


  exhibitions  selection


15.11 10.12 Who took my blue sky Away XYZ  Gallery Beijing  China


Peintures et Poésie Hongrum Huaxia Museum Zhengshou  China


02.09 23.10 Gwangju Biennial  Gwangju  Korea


Souvenirs Épanouis Galerie-Librairie Impressions Paris France


16.11 31.12 Egeskov Fine Arts Copenhague  Danemark





© Fan Xueyi - des pas dans le soir


© Fan Xueyi - amoureuse





  Une grande fille toute simple.
  Elle est la poésie.
  C'est l'enfance qui fait le poète.
  Mon coeur s'envole au milieu des fleurs et suit le cours de l'eau
  Mon espérance court tous les lieux enneigés
  Je veux monter au sommet de la montagne et chanter en choeur avec le vent
  Comme à cet instant présent on aimerait être à côté d'elle.
  C'est précisément pourquoi on entre avec émotion. Que dis-je, avec amour
  dans sa peinture.
  Michel Nau



© Fan Xueyi


© Fan Xueyi


© Fan Xueyi


© Fan Xueyi



Souvenirs Épanouis

 Memory Blossoms

范学宜 Fan Xueyi

    © Fan Xueyi
  catalogue  18 x 27,5 cm, in french, english and chinese

Text by Fan Xueyi : My Story, My Art


31 reproductions + 1 photo of the artist

  Selected short poems  
  Biography of the artist  
  46 pages  



Fan Xuey
范学宜 with Michel Nau

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