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金中利  pinyin  Jin Zhongli



Zhongli Jin, was born on June 18 in Peng'an in the Chinese province of Sichuan.


She was the second daughter, born into a family of modest means.



After secondary school, she obtained excellent results in the entrance exam


for Teacher Training College in order to qualify as a primary school teacher.



After graduation she began teaching at the primary school in her village.


Although her future career seemed to be clearly mapped out, while she had been


at Teacher Training College, Zhongli Jin has discovered painting with a group


of amateurs, and was keen to learn more about the subject.


In her attempt to learn more, she secretly sat the entrance exam for the Art School


in Sichuan.



Having successfully passed the exam, she gave up her job to go to the Fine Arts


Institute where she studied traditional painting : paper, ink, water colours, oils


and graphic design.



She got her degree.


She was selected as one of the best artists in the town of Chongqing.


She worked in publicity in Guangzhou, for three years.


Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890, and the Impressionnists had greatly influenced


her during her studies, so much so, that she decided to go in France, to see


their paintings, in the country where the artists had actually lived.



On the 31st october, Zhongli Jin arrived in Paris, without being able to speak


the language. So she started taking French lessons, and visited  the museums in Paris.



She enrolled at the Art Department at the University of Paris VIII.


Her professor, Monique Kissel, pushed her and encouraged her to try for a masters


degree 2 .



While she was in holiday in Brittany, the artist started painting again, and found


her own style. 


If Badashanren 八大山人 (Zhu Da朱耷) 1626-1705, Shitao 石涛 1642-1707, the teaching


and works of her teachers : Lu Banglin 1956- , Hou Baochuan 侯宝川 1958-,


Chen An’jian 陈安健 1959-, and the influence of the works by the director of the Art


School, Luo Zhongli 罗中立 1948- , and the other teachers : Pang Maokun 庞茂琨 1963-,


Zhong Biao 钟飙 1968- , formed the foundations of her artistic culture , Edvard Munch


1863-1944,  Vassily Kandinsky 1866-1944, Henry Matisse 1869-1954, Jean Dubuffet


1901-1985, also made a great impression on her, resulting in her gradual move


towards abstract art Nevertheless her work still looks and feels Chinese. 



Having her Masters degree 2, she threw herself into painting, and in November her first


exhibition was held at the Artitude gallery in Paris.


Danièle Sicard




    © Zhongli Jin - Prize winner at the Institute of Fine Art of Sichuan 2000    

City of mirrors


Prize winner at the Institute of Fine Art in Sichuan in 2000.

The numerous mirrors in this oil painting reflect the dynamic and busy atmosphere of Chongqing ( Sichuan, Chine )


oeuvres anciennes


© Zhongli Jin - Rocks and the sea  - 2005


© Zhongli Jin - The harbour - 2005


© Zhongli Jin - The bridge 2005


© Zhongli Jin - Renewal - 2006


© Zhongli Jin - Montgrille - 2004


© Zhongli Jin - Renewal 2 - 2006










© Zhongli Jin - Snow in the sun - 2009

  © Zhongli Jin - Plant energy - 2009  

© Zhongli Jin - Pond at sunset - 2009

© Zhongli Jin - Mysterious petal - 2009  

© Zhongli Jin - Whisper - 2009

  © Zhongli Jin - In the vapours of the vineyard - 2009

© Zhongli Jin - Mauve and Mysterious  - 2009


© Zhongli Jin - Spring Galaxy - 2009


© Zhongli Jin - Croissing and diffusion - 2009


© Zhongli Jin - Water butterfly - 2009

  © Zhongli Jin -Sunny flowers - 2009  

© Zhongli Jin - Plant energy 3 - 2009


© Zhongli Jin -Plant energy 2 - 2009


© Zhongli Jin - aerial bloom - 2009


© Zhongli Jin - Mist drop  - 2009


© Zhongli Jin - Clouds of flowers - 2009


© Zhongli Jin - Vine symphony 1 - 2009


© Zhongli Jin - Nature in flames - 2009





Zhongli Jin






06.03 11.03

Salle Béatrice Hodent

Nature rêvée

de Broutelles

    75007 Paris  



20.06 02.07

Thuillier Gallery

Nature rêvée
    75003 Paris  



03.10 16.10

Art Présent Gallery

    75003 Paris  



18.05 26.05

Etienne de Causans Gallery

    75006 Paris  



17.06 07.07

Etienne de Causans Gallery  
    75006 Paris  


© Zhongli Jin

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Zhongli Jin

  A painting greater than the subject itself.
  Paper, water, watercolour and the Chinese paint brush, the qi. Before anything else,
  the qi.

What's the point of showing, writing, describing ?

  Nature, omnipresent, fades away, and then builds itself back up again, with great
  sensitivity, combined with oriental savoir-faire.


Michel Nau.    



© Zhongli Jin Danièle Sicard and Zhongli Jin© Zhongli Jin© Zhongli Jin

© Zhongli Jin © Zhongli Jin © Zhongli Jin © Zhongli Jin © Zhongli Jin


Zhongli Jin



© Zhongli Jin

© Zhongli Jin


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Michel Nau and Zhongli Jin


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