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Zhang Yibo




Zhang Yibo  张义波  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart




Associate -Professor In C.A.F.A.


Member of Chinese Artists' Association



Zhang Yibo   张义波 was born in Beijing  China.



He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts  Beijing.


 ( Fine Arts Department )



He obtained a Master from the C.A.F.A.


Danièle Sicard



Zhang Yibo  张义波  - Spring - 2006

Zhang Yibo  张义波 - Printemps - 2006



He took part to the exhibition  Retour aux Sources  22.06 27.06 2012   

China Cultural Centre Paris  Yin Fu  Director



寻源问道 - 西去东来



Retour Aux Sources

Yang Feiyun


Exploring the Origins and Truth of Art - Chinese Artists in France



Artistes de l'Académie de peinture à l'huile de l'Institut de recherche



sur les Arts de la Chine


Artists of the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting Exchange -  Activities


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