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Ying Tianqi




Ying Tianqi  应天齐  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


Member of the Chinese Artists Association
Deputy-Director of the department of Art and engraving in Anhui.
Professor at Shenzhen University
Adjunct Professor at the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts


Ying Tianqi  应天齐 was born in Wuhu, Anhui Province China.



Following an illness, he began to draw and paint.



First price for Fishing Tiding, at the Fine Art exhibition of Youth in Anhui Province.



Graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, he started working


as professional painter and a printmaker.


His Xidi Village series, begun after visiting the village of Xidi, made him famous.


They received  the Bronze Award ( 1989 ), the Gold Award ( 1991 ),  and the Best Work


Award ( 1994 ) and ( 1996 ).



He used mixed media and techniques.



He was invited to exhibit Vicissitudes of Centuries at the National Museum of China


in Shanghai.


In June, he participated in the 54th Venice Biennial with a video installation that


projected images of Wuhu city in ruins, on a set of objects found in his hometown.



He took part in the 13th Venice International Architecture Biennial.


The entire first floor of the Palace Bembo in Venice, was dedicated to him.


He lives and works in Shenzhen  China.


Danièle Sicard



Solo exhibitions  selection



12.03 21.03 Vestiges of the Century National Museum of China  Beijing  China


27.04 30.08 Returns to China -The 13th Venice International Biennial Chine Asia Art


Center Beijing  China


19.07 17.08The Wall of Enigmas Asia Art Center Taipei  Taiwan




Collective exhibitions  séeection




04.06 27.11 Vestiges of the Century Biennial Venice  Italy


29.08 25.11 13 Traces of Centuries  and Future Steps- Architecture Venice Biennial





Ying Tianqi  应天齐


Ying Tianqi  应天齐


Ying Tianqi  应天齐




© Ying Tianqi



  in chinese  

20 cm x 21,5 cm


isbn 7 80678 280 X/J.162

  72 p  

© Ying Tianqi


Traces of Centuries and Future Steps


Ying Tianqi


at the 13th Venice International Architecture Biennial


28 cm x 25 cm


268 p



Ying Tianqi  应天齐  -  Vicissitudes of Centuries
12.03 21.03 2011  National Art Museum of China


Ying Tianqi  应天齐
 - Traces of Centuries  and Future Steps
at The 13th Venice International Architecture Biennale


Ying Tianqi  应天齐  - Mourning Over the Ruins
The 13th Venice International Biennale Returns to China
 27.04 30.08 2013  Asia Art Center  Beijing


Ying Tianqi  应天齐  - The Wall of Enigmas
Solo exhibition 
19.07 17.08 2014  Asia Art Center  Taipei



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