Chinese artists by Michel Nau - Ye Fu  野夫  





Ye Fu






Head of the local section of the Engraving Association



Ye Fu  野夫  aka Ye Fou, was born in Zhejiang Province (1909-1973 )


under Zheng Chengzhi 鄭誠之;



  He studied at Shanghai Academy of Art.  

Very involved, he joined Eighting Art Society and participated in


the creation of the Wild Wind Painting Society.


A Wood engraver, he wanted to develop this Art :


  -  He organized, with Li Hua a touring woodcut exhibition.


  -  He created wood engraving tool cooperative .


  -  He created correspondance course in wood engraving.



He passed away at he age of 64.

  Daniele Sicard



Ye Fu  野夫  -  Inondation  -  Bois n. & b  18 x 24.2 cm

Ye Fu  野夫  -  Inondation  -  Bois n. & b  18 x 24.2 cm


Ye Fu  野夫  -  Émeute pour obtenir du riz  -  Bois n. & b  12.7 x 17 cm

Ye Fu  野夫  -  Émeute pour obtenir du riz  -  Bois n. & b  12.7 x 17 cm



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