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Yang Xianrang






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Yang Xianrang  杨先让 was born in Mouping, Shandong Province, China.


He studied at the National Academy of Art.


After graduating ( drawing  Department ), he worked as an artist and editor


at the People's Fine Arts Publishing House.



He was transferred to the Research Office of the Ministry of Culture.



As a professor at the Central Academy of Art, he directed the engraving Department.


Attached to the promotion of the cultural heritage, on several occasions, he led teams


in many villages along the Yellow River, to document the Arts and crafts of the people,


and he created a section of popular Art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.


He donated 30 works to the National Art Museum of China.



17.10 opening of the exhibition: Artistic Request - 160 works by Yang Xianrang NAMOC


Beijing  China

  Daniele Sicard



Yang Xianrang  杨先让  -  Fish Village  -  Painting


Yang Xianrang  杨先让  -  Town  -  Painting



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