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Xu Xiaobing






Xu Xiaobing  徐肖冰  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


President of the Chinese¨Photographers' Association
Member of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles 


Xu Xiaobing  徐肖冰 (1916-2009) was born on August 16 in Tongxiang,


Zhejiang Province China.



He moved to work in Shanghai, and joined the photographic division 

of theTianyi Film Company, then the Mingxing Film Company and the Northwest


Film Company in Shanxi Province.



He joined the communist Eighth Route Army.  


He was assigned to Yan'an Film Studio.


He made his first photo of Mao Zedong addressing his troops.

  (Taken from the side, the photo was unusual )


He married Hou Bo, met the previous year in Yan'an.


He introduced her to photography which fascinated her.


He travelled with the army, he took photos of battles, of daily life of soldiers,


and of the arrival of Mao with The people's Liberation Army.

  He also produced documentary films.
  During the Cultural Revolution, he was forbidden to post any photo of Mao's
  family life.
  Hou Bo and Xu Xiaobing participated in Rencontres d'Arles with the exhibition:


05.07 12.10 Hou Bo & Xu Xiaobing , photographes de Mao Zedong.


On October 27, he passed away at the age of 93,  in the Beijing  Military

  Region general.
  Daniele Sicard



Xu Xiaobing  徐肖冰, Hou Bo  侯波 and Mao Zedong  毛泽东  -  Photography 1949

Xu Xiaobing  徐肖冰, Hou Bo  侯波 and Mao Zedong  毛泽东  -  Photography 1949


Xu Xiaobing  徐肖冰   -  Mao Zedong Yan'an Forum  -  1938

Xu Xiaobing  徐肖冰  -  Mao Zedong Yan'an Forum  -  1938


Xu Xiaobing  徐肖冰 -  Peng Dehuai  彭德怀 watch for the enemy  -  1940

Xu Xiaobing  徐肖冰  -  Peng Dehuai  彭德怀  -  watch for the enemy  -  1940



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