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Wu Weishan






 Wu Weishan  吴为山 -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


President of the Chinese Artists Association
President of the Chinese Academy of Sculpture
Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors



Wu Weishan  吴为山 was born in Dongtai, Jiangsu Province  China,

  from a line of poets and calligraphs.


He studied sculpture in Wuxi, then entered the Normal University of Nanjing.


( Fine Arts Department )



After graduating, he continued his studies in Beijng, then in the United States,


at the School of Art Saint Louis Missouri.


Back to China, he taught at the University of Nanjing and at the University


of Hong Kong.



He founded the Academy of Fine Arts.


A world-renowned sculptor, inspired by Chinese culture, he has created more  


than 500 expressive sculptures of ordinary people, celebrities and historical figures.



Sleeping Child won the Royal British Society of Portrait Sculptors Awards


The Wu Weishan sculpture and painting exhibition was held at Youkufu Gallery in Tokyo  Japan


A park of sculptures of Chinese and Korean personalities, bears his name


in South Korea : Wu Weishan Park.



Director of the Fine Arts Museum of China, he was in charge of the follow-up


of the construction of the new museum by Jean Nouvel. 

  Daniele Sicard


exhibitions selection



Wu Weishan  sculpture and Painting University of science and technology Hong Kong


Wu Weishan  sculpture and Painting Chineses University of Hong Kong  China


Wu Weishan sculpture and Painting Youkufu Gallery Tokyo Japan


Wu Weishan sculptures Qingdao Shandong Province  China


Casting the Soul with The Literary Heart- Wu Weishan sculptures National Museum of China


Casting the Soul with The Literary Heart- Wu Weishan sculptures Changchun World Sculpture


Park  China


Casting the Soul with The Literary Heart- Wu Weishan sculptures Jiangsu Province Museum


Wu Weishan 吴为山  National Museum of China  Beijing  China



Collections selection


Beijing National Art Museum of China
Nanjing Permanent Gallery of Wu Weishan sculptures
  of Cultural Notables


Honolulu Art Museum

The Netherlands

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum



 Wu Weishan  吴为山  -  Exhibition at The National Museum of China  Beijing  -  April 2019

Wu Weishan  吴为山  -  Exhibition at The National Museum of China  Beijing  -  April 2019


 Wu Weishan  吴为山 -  Laozi  -  Huai'an, Jiangsu  China  -  16  meters high bronze

Wu Weishan  吴为山  -  Laozi  -  Huai'an, Jiangsu  Chine  -  16 meters high bronze



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