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Warren King





Warren King was born in Madison  Wisconsin  United States.


He studied engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


He received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.


He continued his studies at Stanford University..


He graduated with a Master of Science in Structural Engineering.


He worked as an engineer and then turned to the software industry.



He returned to China to the village of his ancestors.


At the evocation of the memories that some inhabitants still had of his grandparents,


he decided to pay tribute to them by sculpting them in real size in corrugated cardboard.



He became a full-time self-taught artist.


He lives and works in New York City United States.

  Daniele Sicard


 Warren King


 Warren King


 Warren King   -  Two Women Arguing on Bayard Street

Warren King  -  Two Women Arguing on Bayard Street


 Warren King   -  Squatting Man (blue)

Warren King  -  Squatting Man (blue)


 Warren King   -  Shaoxing Villager

Warren King  -  Shaoxing Villager



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