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Wiang Xiao






Wang Xiao  王霄  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


Member of the Chinese Artists Association
Director of the Beijing Gongbi Heavy Color Painting Association


Wang Xiao  王霄 was born in Jinan, Shandong Province   China.

  She studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.


After graduating her Bachelor's and a Master's degree she worked at


The National Academy of Arts.



She studied for a PhD in Fine Arts


Shis is a full-time artist at the Academy of Literature and Art of the


Chinese National Academy of Arts.

  Daniele Sicard



Wang Xiao  王霄   -  River Bank  -  Woodblock Print  60 x 80 cm  -  2012

Wang Xiao  王霄  -  River Bank  -  Woodblock Print  60 x 80 cm  -  2012


Wang Xiao  王霄  -  Green Water  -  Woodblock Print  60 x 80 cm  -  2012

Wang Xiao  王霄  -  Green Water  -  Woodblock Print  60 x 80 cm  -  2012



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