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Uli Sigg





Member of the M+ Acquisitions Committee
of the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art New York
Member of the International Advisory Council of Tate.
Honorary Director of China Foreign Investment Association, Beijing


Uli Sigg, journalist, diplomat, collector, was born on April 29, 


in Lucerne, Switzerland.


He studied law at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.


He graduted with a PhD .


  -  He worked as a business journalist and editor for various Swiss magazines.



He lives in China and works for the Swiss Schindler Group.




He was appointed ambassador to China, North Korea and Mongolia..



He created the C.C.A.A. ( Chinese Contemporary Art Prize ), renamed the Sigg Prize


by the M+ Museum.


  -   As a collector, he built up the largest private collection of ( 2500 works ) - mirroring


the production of contemporary Chinese Art.



He donated part of his Chinese Art collection to the M+ Museum ( 1450 works ).




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