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Tsang Tsou-choi






Tsang Tsou-Choi  曾灶財 pinyin Ceng Zaocai, aka King of Kowloon



Tsang Tsou-Choi  曾灶財 (1921-2007 ) was born in November 12 , in Liantang Village


Guangdong Province   China.



He moved to live in Hong Kong where he lives poorly.



He began to cover the walls of Kowloon with graffiti,  in which he claimed the belonging


of the territory to his family  and called himself : King of Kowloon  HK.


Totally ignored or even accused of being crazy, rejected by his wife, he nevertheless


continued to paint his calligraphic graffiti, in the streets of Hong Kong.


( Pavements - Pillars  - Street furnitures  - Walls - Street lamps )



  -  His calligraphies began to inspire designers, artists.


  -  Photographs of his work were featured in the traveling exhibition : Power of the Word,


began Grinnell College's Faulconner Gallery of Iowa  United States


   -  He appeared in Clarence Fok's Film : Queen of Kowloon .


Then in Fruit Chan's Film : Hollywood Hong Kong.


   -  His work was included in Venice Biennial.


   -  A board painted byTsang Tsou-choi auctionned by Sotheby's HK$ 55,000 .



He passed away of a heart attack, on July 15 , in Hong Kong at the age of 85 .


  -  When he died, the government pledged to preserve his work.



  -  A commemorative exhibition was curated by Joel Chung Yin   : 


Memories of King Kowloon  Artistree, Taikoo Place  Hong Kong.


  - Some of his works were included in the collections of the M+ Hong Kong Museum

  Daniele Sicard



Tsang Tsou-Choi  曾灶財 aka King of Kowloon Writing Calligraphy on Utility Box  -  2002
Paint on utility box  160 x 76 x 41 cm



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