Chinese artists by Michel Nau - Li Zhi-Geng  李志耕  





Li Zhi-Geng





Li Zhi-Geng  李志耕 aka Li Tche-Keng was born in Dinghai,  Zhejiang Province  China.


He studied Painting in Shanghai befor turning to wood engraving.



He joined the National Salvation Dramatic Troupe, as responsible for the slogans


and caricatures.


Later, he moved to Chongqing and took an active part in the woodcut Research



  Daniele Sicard



Li Zhi-Geng  李志耕  -  Recrutement  -  Bois n. & b.  28 x 32 cm  -  14.11 1946

Li Zhi-Geng  李志耕  -  Recrutement  -  Bois n. & b.  28 x 32 cm  -  14.11 1946



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