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Li Xiaochao






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Li Xiaochao  李小超



Li Xiaochao  李小超 was born in Xianyang, mountain village, Liquan County  China.




He studied at the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts.


After graduating, he joined a unit in Xianyang, but soon resigned.


He painted scenes from the lives of the peasants around him, then began sculpting.



Rural Notes  -  a series of black and white works.


White Dear Pain  -  a series of terracotta figures inspired by the popular novel


by Chen Zhongshi ( 1942-2016 ).


Memory of a Village  -  a series of bronze sculptures of traditional Chinese villagers


from the 1950s-2000s.


He made a name for himself through numerous exhibitions: in Germany - United States


-  France - Taiwan - and in Chinese cities: Hong Kong - Beijing - Nanjing - Qingdao


- Shenzhen and Xi'an which has some twenty of his monumental sculptures.




The National Fine Arts Museum of China has a permanent exhibitione  of ten of his


sculptures in Beijing  China.



20.09 Inauguration on the forecourt of Paris-Gare de Lyon of the bronze sculpture


donated to S.N.C.F.Gares & Connexions, in tribute to the Chinese workers who came


to help France : Aux Travailleurs Chinois pendant la Première Guerre Mondiale


-  a bronze statue representing a Chinese worker arriving at Gare de Lyon..


(  height 2,57m - width 1,25m )

  Daniele Sicard

  exhibitions  selection


Memory of a Village  - Sculptures People Poly Art Museum Beijing  China


People's 1949-2009 - People Poly Art Museum Beijing  China


My Native Land Sun Ya Tzen MuseumTaiwan


Village  Oil works In Black and White


Sculptures Bibliothèque Centrale de Hong Kong  Chine


Memory Memory - 12 Sculptures en bronze Parc Phoenix  Nice  France


15.04 15.11 Mémoire de village - 13 Bronze sculptures on display at the Conservatory


Botanics Stangalard Brest  France


Aux Travailleurs Chiois pendant la Première Guerre Mondiale - Bronze sculpture

  Parvis de la Gare de Lyon  France



Li Xiaochao  李小超 -  备战-洗脚

Li Xiaochao  李小超  -  备战-洗脚



Li Xiaochao  李小超  Parc Phœnix-Nice  -  Vivez toute les couleurs de la nature ! Mémoire de Villages  -  Maître Li Xiaochao  -  sculptures et encres

Parc Phœnix-Nice  -  Vivez toute les couleurs de la nature !
 Mémoire de Villages  -  Maître Li Xiaochao  -  sculptures et encres



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