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Liu Yuehui







Liu Yuehui  刘月会 was born in Shandong Province  China.

  At the age of 6, she started drawing with a ballpoint pen.
  At the age of 21, she moved to study in Germany.

She sudied at the Weißensee Academy of Art in Berlin.


She graduatated with a Bachelor and a Master.




As Artist, she perfected her ballpoint pen technique,


and creates her own style.

  She lives and works in Berlin  Germany.
  Daniele Sicard



Liu Yuehui  刘月会  -  Dancing  -  Ballpoint pen on paper  250 x 150 cm  -  2021

Liu Yuehui  刘月会  -  Dancing  -  Ballpoint pen on paper  250 x 150 cm  -  2021


Liu Yuehui 刘月会  -  Warm heart  -  Ballpoint pen on cardboard  21 x 30 cm

Liu Yuehui  刘月会  -  Warm heart  -  Ballpoint pen on cardboard  21 x 30 cm



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