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Li Jing






Li Jing  李静  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


Li Jing  李静 studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing China.



After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Art, he went to study at the Glass Studio


of Southern Illinois University.



He received a Master's degree in Glass Art from Carbondale University  United States.


He held a solo exhibition of his work at the University Museum: Living with Bubbles




Associate Professor at the School of Art and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing  


he involved in many artistic projects :


- Research on the Modernity of Glass Art in the 20th Century  Nationale Social Foundation


- Nature State - National Art Foundation Youth Creation Projectes


- Travelling Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Glass Art in the United States - National Art


  Foundation Communication and Promotion Project.



He won the Academic Newcomer Award fromTsinghua University.
  Daniele Sicard

  Awards  selection


from the Penland School of Crafts  United States


from the Pittsburgh Glass Art Center  Pittsburgh   United States


from the Corning Museum of Glass New York  United States

works selected

for the review New Glass Review 35

works selected

for the review Art Glass Today 2



exhibitions  selection


Living with Bubbles Solo exhibition  University Museum Southern Illinois Carbondale


United States



Li Jing  李静  -  Crown-twist  -  Blown glass

Li Jing  李静  -  Crown-twist
Blown glass  


Li Jing  李静 -  Tease the crown  -  Blown glass, thermoplastic glass, interior plastic glass, mixed materials

Li Jing  李静  -  Tease the crown
 Blown glass, thermoplastic glass, interior plastic glass, mixed materials


Li Jing  李静  -  Glass, body  -  Fragmented glass

Li Jing  李静  -  Glass, body
Fragmented glass



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