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Birth of Li Hongwei  李鸿韦.


He was attracted to drawing and sculpture at a very young age.



He joined the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing  China.


He graduated with a Bachelor's degree ( Sculpture department )




He moved to the United States, and continued his studies at Alfred Uiversity New York.

  He graduated with a Master's degree in Ceramic Art, from the New York State College.
  He experimented various materials as well as stainless steel, then he left the traditional
  sculpures for installations works.
  First exhibition in a China Museum, at Long Museum Beijing.


10.11 2022 19.02 2023 Becoming Harmonius - The Art of Li Hongwei More than 20 sculptures


and Installations.


He lives and works in Beijing  China and in New York  United States.

  Daniele Sicard


Awards  selection


Excellence award China Contemporary Ceramic Art exhibition Nantong  China


Taylor Price Louvre Museum International exhibition Paris  France


Beijing Young Talent Grant Beijing  China


Leading Person Cultural and Creative Industries Beijing  China


Excellent Talent Grant Beijing  China


Collections  sélection



Zhu Zhong Art Museum



He Art Museum



United Kingdom

The British Museum   London

United States

Museum of Fine Arts   Boston MA
Museum of Art Harvard   Cambridge MA
The Art Institute of Chicago   Chicago IL
New Orleans Museum of Art   New Orleans LA
Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art Alfred NY
Everson Museum of Art  

Syracuse NY




Li Hongwei  李鸿韦   -  Futurism  -  Fired clay, stainless steel, iron plate 230 x 320 x 455 cm  -  2022

Li Hongwei  李鸿韦  -  Futurism  -  Fired clay, stainless steel, iron plate 230 x 320 x 455 cm  -  2022


Li Hongwei  李鸿韦  -  Origin 3  -  Fired clay, stainless steel 150 x 150 x 201 cm  -  2022

Li Hongwei  李鸿韦  -  Origin 3  -  Fired clay, stainless steel 150 x 150 x 201 cm  -  2022



The Art of Li Hongwei  李鸿韦的艺术  -  10.11 2022 19.02 2023  Long Museum  Shanghai  -  poster

The Art of Li Hongwei  李鸿韦的艺术  -  10.11 2022 19.02 2023  Long Museum  Shanghai  -  poster  



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