Chinese artists by Michel Nau - Ke Tian  珂田  





Ke Tian







Ke Tian  珂田  aka K'o T'ien was born in Zhejiang Province  China.


After studying Political Science and Economics, he devoted himself to painting.



As a refugee in the Wuchang-Hankou region during the Battle of Shanghai (1937),


he suffered a pulmonary haemorrhage.


Back in Shanghai, convalescing, he turned to engraving, with Xiao Mao, a series


of woodcuts.

  Daniele Sicard



Ke Tian  珂田   -  La faim  -  Bois n. & b.  49 x 31 cm  -  1937

Ke Tian  珂田  -  La faim  -  Bois n. & b.  49 x 31 cm  -  1937



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