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Huang Ko-Chuan







Huang Ko-Chuan  黄歌川 pinyin Huang Gechuan



Huang Ko-Chuan  黄歌川 (1919-2010 ) was born in August 14, in Fuzhou,


Fujian Province China.

  He studied at Fujian Normal School ( Fine Arts Department ).


Graduated, he participated in propaganda through illustrations, woodcuts,
  print media.


He moved toTaiwan, worked as a reporter and then decided to dedicate
  him to painting.

  -  As Artist, he never stopped exploring new creative approaches,


by mixing Eastern and Western painting techniques, by using new media.


He specialized in Batik, watercolor painting, ink wash painting, oil painting,  


and mixed media.


His participation in international exhibitions made him a pioneer of the


contemporary Art scene .


21.09 31.12 5 th Sao Paulo artistic Biennial Sao Paulo  Brazil


Chinese Contemporary Art exhibition Prado National Museum Spain
  He was involved in developping of Taiwanese Art :

  - by the painting technique he perfected :Taiwanese ice-crack batick

    - by creating Art associations : The Chinese Watercolor Association -
  The Roc Painting Society - The Taiwan Society of Printmaking.



  -  As Educator, with the National Museum of History and The Chinese


Painting Society, he participated in the creation of a special Fine Arts course

  of which he was Director and advocated cultural exchanges.

He traveled to Korea, Malaysia, United States and Canada to explain his


his revolutionary Batik technique.



He won The Outstanding Service award of the Chinese Painting Society's.


He passed away at the age of 91.


His family donated 100 artworks to the Taipei National Museum of History,
  ( 61 pieces for the Museum's collection and 39 for research purposes.)
  Danièle Sicard



Huang Ko-Chuan  黄歌川  -  Exuberance  -  Batik painting  -  1970

Huang Ko-Chuan  黄歌川  -  Exuberance  -  Batik painting  -  1970



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