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Hou Bo  侯波  (1924 - 2017),  known as the red wall photographer,

  was born in Xiaxian, Shanxi Province  China.


She fled her village for Yan'an, and joined the Communist Party.



She met  Xu Xiaobing  ( 1915-2009 ) who communicated to her


his passion for photography.



The couple married the following year.



Her photograph of Mao, proclaiming the People's Republic of China


was known throughout the world.


She became the official photographer of Mao Zedong and stayed


in the Zhongnanhai, in Beijing among the high dignitaries.


She took thousands of pictures of Mao Zedong, his family


and other leaders of the regime.



Mao Zedong removed from power, she joined the Xinhua agency.


During the cultural revolution (1966/1976) she was sent for three


years in a reeducation camp. and rehabilitated seven years later.



Hou Bo and Xu Xiaobing participated in Rencontres d'Arles with the exhibition:


05.07 12.10 Hou Bo & Xu Xiaobing , photographes de Mao Zedong.


She passed away on November 26, at the age of 93.


  Daniele Sicard


Xu Xiaobing  徐肖冰, Hou Bo  侯波 and Mao Zedong  毛泽东  -  Photography 1949

Xu Xiaobing  徐肖冰, Hou Bo  侯波 and Mao Zedong  毛泽东  -  Photography 1949


Hou Bo  侯波  -  Mao Zedong  毛泽东  -  Photography

Hou Bo  侯波  -  Mao Zedong  毛泽东  -  Photography


Hou Bo  侯波  -  Mao Zedong 毛泽东  -  Photography

Hou Bo  侯波  -  Mao Zedong  毛泽东  -  Photography



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