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Hilo Chen






Member of Ton Fan Group


Hilo Chen  陳昭宏 pinyin Chen Zhaohong



Hilo Chen  陳昭宏 was born on October 15 in Taipei  Taiwan.



He entered the Chung Yien School.

He studied architectural engineering,


He graduated with a Bachelor of Science.


He left to discover Art first in France, in Paris, then the following year,


in New York   United States. Finding the city attractive, he decided


to settle there definitely.


His first series of photorealistic paintings made him known.


  -  Walking scenes inspired by his walks in the streets during which,


he filmed there with the help of a camera, the pedestrians walking.


   -  Beach scenes from photos of bathers taken with a telephoto lens


at Jones Beach, in which he highlighted the beauty of women's skin.


  -  Nudes, with his Bedroom and Bathroom series.

  He lives and works in New York  United States.
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Collections  selection


Museum of Arts


National Fine-Arts Museum


United States

Solomon Guggenheim Museum

New York

San Jose Museum

San Jose


  Solo exhibitions  selection


Walking Scenes Louis K.Meisel Gallery New York  United States


Louis K.Meisel Gallery  New York  United States


Tomasulo Gallery Union College  New Jersey  United States


Louis K.Meisel Gallery New York  United States

  Collective exhibitions  selection

1962 - 1982

Ton Fan Group exhibitions

1962 - 1982

 exhibtions in United States - Canada - France - Germany - New  Zealand.



Hilo Chen  陳昭宏  -  Beach 90  -  Watercolour on paper  69 x 102 cm

Hilo Chen  陳昭宏  -  Beach 90  -  Watercolour on paper  69 x 102 cm



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