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He Delai








He Delai  何德來 ( 1904-1986 ) was born into a poor family in Tanwenhuzhuang,


Hsinchu Prefecture, currently Tanwen, Taiwan.




Adopted by a wealthy family, he attended primary school in Japan, and returned


to Taiwan for his secondary education.




He went again to Japan and decided to turn to art.




He entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts ( Western painting department ).


Very involved in Art, he formed the Chiyang Western Painting Association with other





After graduating from the Tokyo School of Fine Art, he returned to his home town,


with his young wife, and began to meet up with other artists with the aim of creating


the Hsinchu Art and Research Society to promote Art in the region ( free teaching and


exhibitions )




As his health deteriorated, he was forced him to go back to Japan for treatment.




He returned to his native city and held a solo exhibition at the Zhongsha Hall in Taipei.


( 56 woks )




He died in Taipei at the age of 82.




The family, following his instructions, donated all his works to the Taipei Museum of


Fine-Arts de Taipei and the Hsinchu Fine Arts Museum.




08.07 22.10  My Way He Delai Taipei Museum of Fine Arts Taipei  Taiwan


The Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei organized My Way, a major commemorative


exhibition, bringing together a hundred works by the artist : sketches - calligraphy


- oil paintings and writings.



  Danièle Sicard



He Delai  何德來  -  脊影  -  Oil painting  -  1973

He Delai  何德來  -  脊影  -  Oil painting  -  1973


He Delai  何德來  -  Aktuzaki  -  Oil painting  -  1933

He Delai  何德來  -  Aktuzaki  -  Oil painting  -  1933


He Delai  何德來  -  Self-Portrait  自畫像  -  Oil on Wood  33 x 24 cm  -  1930

He Delai  何德來  -  Self-Portrait  自畫像  -  Oil on Wood  33 x 24 cm  -  1930


He Delai  何德來  -  Ice Cubes  -  Oil on Wood 25.5 x 26 cm  -  1933  (Private collection)

He Delai  何德來  -  Ice Cubes  -  Oil on Wood 25.5 x 26 cm  -  1933  (Private collection)



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