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Gao Xiaohua






Gao Xiaohua  高小华  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart



Gao Xiaohua  高小华 was born in Nanjing  China.




He studied at the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts.


After graduating, he started teaching there, then he joined


the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.



He moved to the United States.

He participated in numerous exhibitions.


He won the 89th CAC annual Gold Medal Exhibition.


He was awarded the 20th Century Prize for Art Achievement


by Asia Pacific Art Institute of America.



Back to China, he taught as a Professor and MA advisor,
  at Chongqing University.
  Daniele Sicard



Gao Xiaohua  高小华   -  Oil on canvas  -  2007

Gao Xiaohua  高小华  -  Oil on canvas  -  2007



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