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Fang Yuan






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Fang Yuan 袁芳 pinyin Yuan Fang



Fang Yuan 袁芳 was born in Xuzhou, Jiangsu  Province  China


- At a very young age, she learned to play the piano and then studied


in Beijing at China Central Conservatory of Music Central under professor Yuan Wu.



Graduated, she went to study in Germany, at the University of Music


in Munich, under the direction of Gerhard Oppitz and Michael Schäfer.



She won the top prize from the Munich International Young Pianist Stage .



She obtained the highest diploma in piano performance and chamber music


from the German University of Chamber Music, certified by the Chinese Ministry


of Education as : Doctorate with double specialization.



She was appointed professor of piano at the China Central Conservatory of Music

  in Beijing and gave Master classes in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.


Her piano music, recorded on the SONY CLASSICAL label, topped the TOP 100


Classical Music charts in China..



She served as Associate Dean and Deputy Head of Piano and Keyboard at the School
  of Music.



   -    Concert player, she played with the greatest symphony orchestras:


the National Symphony Orchestra of China - the Beijing Symphony Orchestra -


the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra - the BBC Symphony Orchestra -


the NCPA Orchestra (China National Performing Arts Center Orchestra


the China Philharmonic Orchestra - the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra -


the Marseille Philharmonic Orchestra - the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra -


the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra -.


- She toured Asia and Europe with the MHM Piano quintet and the Spianato


 Piano trio that she created in Germany.


 -   She performed in various Festivals


Germany  - Weiden Max Reger Days Festival - Bad Kissigen Festival


China        - Beijing Modern Music Festival


Portugal   - Sintra Festival  


   -  She performed several Solo recitals at Carnegie Hall in New York  United States.

  Daniele Sicard



Fang Yuan  袁芳  -  Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.1 in F sharp minor, Op.1 (1/2)  Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra

Fang Yuan  袁芳  -  Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.1 in F sharp minor, Op.1 (1/2)  
Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra



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