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Chin-Chin Wu  吴沁沁  pinyin Wu Qinqin


Chin-Chin Wu  吴沁沁 aka Post Modern China Doll is a Chinese-American.


Born in Shanghai China, she studied piano at Rice University in Houston.


She graduated with a Bachelor's degree ( performance piano )



She moved to France, and studied at the Louis Lumière school, dedicated to the

  Cinema professions, photofraphy and sound.
  She graduated with a Master's degree in Phoyography.


As an artist questioning the status and place of women through the representation


of her body, she called on 50 women from various countries to come and pose


anonymously in Beijing and in Paris.



These 50 intimate portraits and texts of the models are the subject of a 76-pages publication,


in english : Vis a Vis : Portraits of a New Woman -  ISBN 3936165742 - Gallery Vevais Edition




The exhibition of a selection of works that was to have taken place with the Japanese


photographer Noboyoshhi Araki in Tokyo had to be cancelled because of their destruction by the Japanese customs.

  She lives and works in Paris  France.
  Daniele Sicard



Chin-Chin Wu  吴沁沁  -  Vis a Vis: Portraits of a New Woman  -  2013

Chin-Chin Wu  吴沁沁  -  Vis a Vis: Portraits of a New Woman  -  2013


Chin-Chin Wu  吴沁沁  -  Photography  -  2010

Chin-Chin Wu  吴沁沁  -  Photography  -  2010



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