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Chen Yunjie




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Chen Yunjie  陈韵劼 was born in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province  China.


From an early age, he revealed a talent for music that he continued to develop


during his studies.

  Studies in China
  He joined The Shanghai Music Conservatory.

  - He won the 1rst Prize in the National  Piano Competition of China


  - He won The China International Piano Competition

  Studies in the United States 

First at the Manhattan School of Music and The Juilliard School  New York


and at the Cleveland Institute of Music


He won many international Piano competitions :


in Spain, Santander - in The United States, inSalt Lake City : Gina Bachuer -


in France :  Long-Thibaud Crépin -  in Korea - in Seoul : lsang Yung.



He performed in nine European countries.



Graduated with a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree, he was appointed


Professor of Piano of the Central Conservatory of Music, in Beijing  China.

  Daniele Sicard



Chen Yunjie  陈韵劼
Alexander Scriabin
Piano Sonata n°.6, op.62
Piano Sonata n°.1, op.6
Piano Sonata n°.8, op.66
Piano Sonata n°.5, op.53
Recorded live at Paliesiaus Dvaras, Lithuania
March 2019
Académie . France - Chine



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