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Chen Mulian






Chen Mulian  陈睦琏   -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


Chen Mulian  陈睦琏 is an electronic musician, a sound artist.


His music of Post-Rock style, mixes electronic sounds,


strings, noises, various voices .

  Creative Projects


  -  Videos and performances on site in which he seeks to integrate


sound and visuals with space and environment


   -  Original music for Modern dance dramas, independent films,


documentary films, animations.



Creation with the curator Jian Jian,.of the Chinese electronic music label


ambient : 玄音 - xuán yīn

  He lives and works in Tokyo  Japan, and  Beijing  China.



Chen Mulian  陈睦琏  -  photo by Andrew Lone  -  2016

Chen Mulian  陈睦琏  -  photo by Andrew Lone  -  2016



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