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Charles Chau




Charles Chau  周肃磐    pinyin Zhou Supan


Charles Chau  周肃磐 was born in Hong Kong  China.


He graduated in Philosophy and Art History from the University of Hong Kong.



He was commissioned by the City of Kelowna to paint a mural depicting the


Chinese history of Okagana Canada.


After Mountain Vastness , monochromatic works, he released his emotions


through Fafa series.



In the exhibition Flower, at the Hong Kong Art Center, he presented a new  


colorful series reflecting the beauty of nature.




He lives in British Columbia, Canada.

  Daniele Sicard


Awards  selection



10 Best                     China's Roots Film Awards


 for his documentary of the Flowers and Fruits mural project for the City of Kelowna




Demi-Finaliste         3rd edition of Cypress Archaelogical, Ethronological and Historical.






Charles Chau  周肃磐  -  Usual   -  Acrylic and mixed media on canvas  -  2021

Charles Chau  周肃磐
 -  Usual     -  Acrylic and mixed media on canvas  -  2021


Charles Chau  周肃磐 -  What is the Colour of the Wind  -  acrylic on canvas  -  2017

Charles Chau  周肃磐   -  What is the Colour of the Wind  -  acrylic on canvas  -  2017


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