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Wu Tsang was born in Worcester, Massachussetts, in the northeastern United States.


She studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. ( SAIC )


She graduated with a Bachelor in Art..


She continued her studies at the University of California Los Angeles.


She holds a Master's degree  ( Fine Arts Department )


Filmmaker, activist and artist, she explores the issues of transgender identity


and queer communities, through installation, performance, filmmaking, sculpture.



First solo exhibition in New York : Damelo Todo ( Give Me Everything ) - VHD Video


with sound, 20 min - adaptation of a short story by Raquel Gutierrez telling the story


of an Salvadorian teenager  who took refuge in a transgender bar, befriended customers


and began performing on stage in nightclub shows.



She shot Wildness, a 75mn feature film showing the conflict between a queer colored


group and the group of artists who came to do a performance at the Silver Platter,


Los Angeles'transgender bar frequented by the LGTB community immigrant mostly




Presented during the fortnight of MOMA's documentary, it introduced the artist


to the public and won the Grand Jury Prize at OUTFEST Los Angeles.



Breakdown   Kelela - Asland Mines - Wu Tsang - a performance using voice, sound, light.


The Tate Modern United Kingdom.



A Day of the Life of Bliss - Video, 3 projections, colour and stereo sound, 20mn 25 s


The Tate Modern  United Kingdom


You're Dead to Me  -  created on PBS won the Imagen Short Film Award.



Premiere of Duilian, an experimental film about the legendary revolutionary feminist


Chinese Qiu Jin ( 秋瑾 1875-1907 ), following the two three-month residencies,


at the Spring Workshop Hong Kong China.



Into a Space of Love, the first of a four-part film project, in partnership with Frieze Magazine


in which Wu Tsang shows how house music has been created by queer communities,


then appropriated by white cultures.



First exhibition in France, in France, at LafayetteAnticipations  Paris : Visionary Company.


In this project, built around a monumental video installation The show is over, a kind of opera,


dancers move to the rhythm of the text of of the poet's and academician's African-American


Fred Moten, revealing stories of marginalized communities.


She lives and works in Los Angeles  United States.

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exhibitions  selection


California Biennial  Orange County Museum of Art  Los Angeles  United States


Whitney Biennial  Whitney Museum  New York  United States


Liverpool Biennial Liverpool  United Kingdom


Gwangju Biennial  Gwangju  Korea


The Ungovernables New Museum Triennial  New York  United States


12.03 22.05  Duilan Solo exhibition  Spring Workshop  Hong Kong  China


23.09 02.11  Sustained Glass Solo exhibition  Antenna Space  Shanghai  China


Wu Tsang - Fafswag - Watermelon Sisters  cinéma Centre Pompidou  Paris  France


04.09 12.01 There Is No Nonviolent Way To Look At Somebody  solo exhibition


Martin  Gropius Bau  Berlin Germany


21.10 03.01 2021  Wu Tsang  Solo exhibition  Lafayette Anticipations  Paris  France



 Wu Tsang  -  Visionary Company  -  LafayetteAnticipations  Paris  21.10 2020  03.01 2021

Wu Tsang  -  Visionary Company  -  LafayetteAnticipations  Paris  21.10 2020  03.01 2021


 Wu Tsang  -  Visionary Company  -  Into a Space of Love  - the first film in a four-part series collaboration with Frieze-Gucci Stories

Wu Tsang  -  Into a Space of Love  - the first film in a four-part series collaboration with Frieze-Gucci Stories



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