Chinese artists by Michel Nau -  Wu Lianbin  吴 练 斌  





Wu Lianbin


 吴 练 斌



Wu Lianbin  吴 练 斌 was born in Changde, Hunan Province  China.

  He studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts  Beijing.


He graduated  ( cartoon department )


He participated in the exhibition of 50 works by Chinese artists in Paris France :

  13.03 23.05  France-Chine 1964-2014 - le temps de la reconnaissance et de l'amité -
  He lives and works in Beijing  China.
  Daniele Sicard


Wu Lianbin  吴 练 斌 -  Blossoms Series N°.1  -  installation - composite material  -  2013

Wu Lianbin  吴 练 斌  -  Blossoms Series N°.1  -  installation - composite material  -  2013



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