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Wang Shikuo




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Wang Shikuo ( 1911-1973 ) was born in Shandong Province, in China.



He studied Oil Painting at the Beijing Fine Arts Institute, then Hangzhou
  Art College thenThe Shanghai Art Professional School.


He moved to Japan and joined the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, where


he stayed for two years.

  Back in China, he joined the military commission of Government.
  ( section Art )


He settled in Ya'nan, taught at the Lu Xun Academy of Literature and Arts,


then the Northen China University.



He taught in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, while having
  many artistic projects.


At the opening of the History Museum, he exhibited a large charcoal drawing,


but he did not find the time to complete the definitive version, in oil.



He passed away suddenly at the age of 62, while he was sketching in rural


Henan province.



To commemorate the centenary of the birth of the artist, the Art Museum


of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, organized a large retrospective

  of his works, and the family donated 172 works to the Museum
  Daniele Sicard


 Wang Shikuo  王式廓   -  Xiaoji Mountain at Taihu Lake  -  Oil painting

Wang Shikuo  王式廓  -  Xiaoji Mountain at Taihu Lake  -  Oil painting  


 Wang Shikuo  王式廓     -  Transformation of Loafer  -  Print  -  1947  -  Collection Ashmolean Museum  Oxford

Wang Shikuo  王式廓  -  Transformation of Loafer  -  Print  -  1947
Collection Ashmolean Museum  Oxford



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