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Song Changqing




Song Changqing  宋长青  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


Member of the Society of Arts and Crafts
Member of the Chinese Artists Association
Deputy Secretary General of the Professional Committee of Mural Arts
of the Chinese Architectural Society


Song Changqing  宋长青 was born in Beijing  China.


He studied at the Beijing School of Arts and Crafts.


After graduation, he continued his studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.




He obtained a Bachelor's degree ( Mural Painting Department )



He graduated with a Master's degree ( Mural Painting Department )



He participated in the 2nd Beijing International Art Biennial.


He is currently Professor and Deputy Director of the School of Art and Design,


North China University of Technology  Beijing.

  Daniele Sicard

  Awards  selection

Happy Holidays  entered the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts  Taiwan


China enters the New Era received the Best Work Award at the First National  


Mural Exhibition.



Song Changqing  宋长青   -  Happy New Year to You

Song Changqing  宋长青  -  Happy New Year to You



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