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Shi Xingyun




 Shi Xingyun  释星云  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


President of the Buddha's Light International Association
Honorary President of the Research Institute of Chinese Culture, Nanjing University China



Shi Xingyun  释星云 was born on July 22, in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.




He was a novice monk at Qixia Temple, Nanjing.



He graduated from the Buddhist School and was appointed principal and then  


first abbot of the Huazhang pagoda.



He left China for Taiwan where he wanted to establish a humanist Buddhist order.




He was the founder of the Fo Kwang Mountain monastery of which he was successively


1st, 2nd and 3rd abbot.


In order to develop the Buddhist activity in the fields of education and culture,  he created


hundreds of worship centers throughout the worldmonde as well as libraries, art galleries,


publications, including a monthly magazine on Buddhism today.

  Daniele Sicard


 Shi Xingyun  释星云  -   Composition of King Yuewumu  -  Calligraphy

Shi Xingyun  释星云 -  Composition of King Yuewumu  -  Calligraphy



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