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Pan Peng-Ping




Pan Peng-Ping  潘蓬彬  -  portrait  -  chinesenewart


Pan Peng-Ping 潘蓬彬 pinyin Pan PengBin

President of Tamsui New Taipei Community University
President of the Painting, Sketching Association
Executive Director of the Fine Arts Association of Taiwan
Executive Director of the Chinese Yuanshan Painting Associationshan


Pan Peng-Ping  潘蓬彬  was born in Beitou, Taiwan.


He graduated with a Master's Degree from the Institute of Fine Arts


of the University of Chinese Culture. ( Fine Arts department )


He participated in exhibitions in many galleries,  the National Art Museum


of Taiwan, the American Cultural Center in Taipei, du Centre


the Art Education Center of Taiwan and the Sun Yat-Sen National Memorial Hall.


Danièle Sicard


  Awards  selection

Medal of Art at the 39th price of the Creation of Oil Painting of the Art Association


and  Literature of China.


  Collections  selection

Yangmingshan National Park Administration


National Security Agency


Hall of the Sun Yat-Sen National Memorial


Ministry of National Defense


National Art Museum


National Defense University



Pan Peng-Ping  潘蓬彬   -  Oil painting  -  2020

Pan Peng-Ping  潘蓬彬  -  Oil painting  -  2020



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