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Liu Zhenxia  




Liu Zhenxia  刘振夏   -  portrait  -  chinesenewart




President of the Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles of Suzhou
Chairman of the Suzhou Chinese Painting Research Association
Honorary President of Suzhou Arts and Crafts Workers University
Member of the Artists' Association


Liu Zhenxia 刘振夏  ( 1941-2018 ) was born in June, in Suzhou region, Jiangsu


Province  China.


Passionate about painting, and more particulartly, character portraits, he studied


at Suzhou Arts and Crafts College.



After graduating, he devoted himself entirely to freehand painting of the characters


around him, reflecting their character, their typicity.



His ink portrait The Fisherman made him famous but indifferent to his reputation as


an innovative ink painter, he refused any exhibition, or sale. He then isolated himself


to devote himself to research and improve his style.



First solo exhibition in 30 years at the National Art Museum of China  Beijing


( 150 works )


On August 7 in Suzhou, he died of an illness at the age of 77.

  Daniele Sicard



  exhibitions  selection


22.09 27.09  Portraits by Liu Zhenxia  -  International Art Center of San Francisco  United States


10.10 10.01  D'encre et de couleurs  Peintures de Liu Zhenxia  -  Asian Art Museum  Nice  France



Liu Zhenxia  刘振夏  -  Fisherman's Companion  -  Ink and Color on Paper

Liu Zhenxia 刘振 夏 - Fisherman's companion - Ink and color on paper



Portraits by Liu Zhenxia  劉振夏人物華展  -  22.09 27.09 2016  International Art Center of San Francisco  -  poster

Portraits by Liu Zhenxia  劉振夏人物華展  
-  22.09 27.09 2016  International Art Center of San Francisco  
-  poster  -



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