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Hu Jieqing




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Hu Jieqing  胡絜青  ( 1905-2001 ) was born as Yuzhen, on December 23, in Beijing  China.

  She belongs to the manchurian minority.
  She loved literature, painting and calligraphy.


She graduated from the Beijing Normal University.
  ( Chinese literature Department )


The same year, she married the writer Lao She ( 1899-1966 ) , author of Short stories


novels and plays.



She began studying painting and became the student of Qi Baishi (1864 -1957 ).



With Chen Banding, Yu Feyin, Sun Yongzhao, she participated in the collaborative


large painting : Blooms in Red and Purple.



She was appointed as a professional painter with the Beijing Academy of painting.


She specialized in flowers and birds.


She devoted to the works of her deceased husband. She edited and illustrated them


with woodcuts.
  She wrote Random Memories of Lao She as well as essays and articles .


Publication of The First Album of Jieqing's Paintings.


On May 21, she passed away, of pneumonia, at the age of 96.
  Their former residence, in Beijing was transformed in Lao She memorial.

The character Fu ( happiness ) written by Hu Jeiqing, on the wooden screen wall is .


still visible.

  Daniele Sicard

  exhibitions  selection


Hu Jieping  solo exhibition  Hong Kong and publication of his first album of Paintings


Hu Jieping  solo exhibition  National Art Museum  Beijing  China


Hu Jieping  solo exhibition   United States


23.12 29.12 commemorative exhibition of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Hu Jieping
  Art  Museum Beijing  China



Hu Jieqing  胡絜青  -  Flower Butterfly  花蝶  -  ink and color on paper

Hu Jieqing  胡絜青  -  Flower Butterfly  花蝶  -  ink and color on paper   


Hu Jieqing  胡絜青 with Qi Baishi  齐白石

Hu Jieqing  胡絜青 with Qi Baishi  齐白石



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